Alibre Atom3D

Supercharge your hobby projects

Explode your creativity with the best 3D design software for hobbyists. Making sure everything always fits together, edit anything at any time, and manufacture it with ease.

Simple 3D

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be creating anything you can imagine quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Easy Editing

Editing is as easy as changing a dimension - everything will update for you automatically. Try that with pen and paper!


Create 2D drawings from your 3D models for reference or to send to your CAM or router program.


Export formats are compatible with every 3D printing or CNC software and any online fulfilment service.


For any type of project

Alibre Atom3D has the tools you need to design and
manufacture anything from robots to woodworking to
scale models and tools for your shop.

Part Modeling

Create single parts of unlimited complexity, including organic shapes and text, all with full precision.


Combine parts together into the finished project so you make sure everything fits together.


Check for overlaps with a built-in tool so you can make sure everything is the right size with no surprises later.


Query physical properties such as weight, surface area, center of gravity, and more with the click of a button.


Precise, intuitive, and efficient

Design any object you need
with as much precision as you
require. Create parts alone,
or design them based off
of other parts.

Know more of Alibre to learn, work your designs and projects


Sail through complex sketch creation with helpful hints, error checking, and tons of sketching tools.

Easy Edits

Edits are as simple as modifying dimensions. Even in complex models, you can edit anything at any time.


Define equations for parameters to build design intent into the model and make edits easier.

Time Savers

Menus pop up at the cursor, giving you access to common tools without accessing a menu or the ribbon.

Assemble Away

Know how it will fit before you cut anything

Combine your parts together in an assembly to make a representation of the finished product. Check for overlaps and have confidence that the design is sound.


Add as many different parts as you want into an assembly.


Assemble components with real-world relationships.


Check for overlaps with a click to make sure everything fits.


Check surface area, volume, weight, and more.

Alibre Atom 3D Features