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Modern Ribbon Interface

An intuitive ribbon with rich tooltips that teaches you about what each tool does.

Mouse-centric Menus

Access context-sensitive tools right at the cursor based on what you are doing.

Customize Toolbars

Create your own toolbars and position them where you want on the screen.

Traditional Menus and Toolbars

Access a more traditional menu and toolbar system commonly used in most older software.

Precise geometry creation

Create manufacturing ready 3D models to exacting precision by defining dimensions and variables.

Equation-Driven Design

Define relationships using equations to build design intent into the model.

Global Design Variables

Create a single equation and variable file to be used across multiple parts and assemblies.

Sketch Creation Tools

Tools to create 2D sketches which are the basis for most 3D features.

Automatic Sketch Analysis

Get instant feedback on problems in sketches through color coding and analysis.

Sketching Time Savers

Time saving tools that allow you to more rapidly create or edit sketches.

Advanced Spline Creation

Additional spline types and options for defining their characteristics.

Common Shape Array Tool

One-step creation and patterning of common shapes, such as slots or circles.

Insert points from a file

Convert a spreadsheet of points into a sketch with optional line or spline fitting.

Basic 3D Modeling

A toolset to turn sketches into 3D geometry and add further details such as fillets.

Advanced 3D Modeling

Several advanced features such as Draft, topology pattern, Offset Face, and more.

Automatic Thread Features

Select from predefined holes or external threads to make modeling and detailing easier.

Thin Features

A version of many 3D Features that creates just the walls of the geometry.


Access the Add, Subtract, and Intersect boolean features.

Import or Create Surfaces

Import 3DM files or convert solids into surfaces for further manipulation.

Quick Changes for Imported Files

Use push/pull tools to do common tasks like changing hole sizes or relocating geometry.

Sheet Modeling Tools

A dedicated environment with sheet metal specific modeling tools.

Convert Models to Sheet Metal

Convert native or imported models to sheet metal by "wrapping" sheet metal around the model.

Flat Patterns (3D)

Quickly view flat patterns in 3D to check for overlaps.

Flat Patterns (2D)

Create 2D drawings of flat patterns for manufacturing.

Basic Assembly Modeling

Combine parts together into finished designs by quickly defining relationships.

Exploded Views

Create Exploded Views you can insert into 2D drawings.

Assembly Booleans

Create booleans in an assembly from multiple parts simultaneously.

Assembly Patterns

Create circular or linear patterns of repeating parts or subassemblies.

Mirror Part / Subassembly

Create handed versions of entire subassemblies automatically.

Assembly-Level Features

Create cuts and holes through multiple parts within the assembly.

Basic View Creation

Create standard views like Front, Top, Isometric. Basic Section Views and Broken Views.

Advanced Engineering Views

Aligned Section, Removed Section, Broken Out Section, Auxiliary, Detail, and Partial Views.

Basic Detailing Tools

Detail a view with any number of dimensions, notes, and centerlines.

Advanced Detailing Tools

Ordinate & chamfer dimensions, Datums, Surface Finish, Feature Control Frame, Tolerance, Weldments

Create Tables

Create a spreadsheet on a 2D drawing and manually populate its content.

Shaded Views

Convert any view into a fully shaded view similar to the look of a 3D model.

Work with BOMs

Create, insert, and modify Bills of Materials. Link with an Exploded View for part callouts.

Automatic Field Population

Bring in data such as Material from the 3D model and populate fields on a drawing.

Dimension Position Wizard

Select a group of dimensions to automatically re-arrange them optimally.

Alibre Script

A Python-based scripting language so you can automate tasks or build entire assemblies.

Defeaturing for FEA

Rapidly remove unnecessary geometry such as small fillets on native or imported parts.

Protect IP

Remove sensitive areas of a part quickly prior to sending it to a 3rd party.

Design Configurations

Create multiple variations of a design from within a single part or assembly file.

Comes with Keyshot

Create stunning images from your 3D models for marketing, presentations, or design studies.

Create 3D PDFs

Create interactive 3D PDFs you can share with stakeholders.

Create 2D PDFs

Use any PDF generation engine you prefer to publish 2D drawings to PDF.

Standard CAD-Neutral Formats

Import STEP, SAT, DWG, and DXF files.

Solidworks Parts and Assemblies

Import files from Solidworks.

Extended Interoperability

Import Inventor, ProE/CREO, Catia, and Solidedge files.


Import IGES files.


Import Parasolid Files.

Standard CAD-Neutral Formats

Export STEP, SAT, STL, DWG, and DXF files.

Solidworks Parts and Assemblies

Export files to Solidworks.

2D and 3D PDF

Publish your designs to 2D and 3D PDF.


Export IGES files.


Export Parasolid files.