- Antialiasing for 3D and 2D
- Beautiful text
- Ambient Occlusion
- Model Shadows
- Ground Shadows
- Ground Reflections
- New Silhouette edge modes
- New Illustration View Mode
- Graphics pipeline exposed for add-on developers
A suite of new options for view performance for large models.
- A new type of section view that is fully interactive
- Create up to 3 simultaneous section planes
- Enormous performance boost over traditional section view for large models

A new integrated PDF engine for 2D and 3D publishing is available
Now all line weights show in the 2D workspace - Print Preview no longer needed.
- New industry-leading file translators for every file type
- Success rates of up to 98% for imported and exported parts
- New ODA DWG toolkit for DWG and DXF import implemented, improving interoperability
- Fixed STEP import issues from Allegro PCB Tools, DipTrace, Proteus 8, Creo, ProE
- Support for STEP 242, NX, and JT has been added
- Support for Solidworks export has been removed (import is still available) - however Parasolid is a superior export option to Solidworks with less translation quirks and is supported
Significant work has gone into making Make Flexible substantially more robust
A relatively minor reorganization of the ribbon and some tab and tool names
Now the file type and name is shown in the Design Explorer, instead of "Imported File"
Improved default language settings detection for some locations
Right clicking on a MRU image now opens the folder and highlights the file
Orient to Plane has been added in the Assembly right click menu
Global Parameter configurations are now sorted in the drop down
Added “flip” button in “Chamfer Edge” and “Corner Chamfer” dialogs to give better control over how unequal length chamfers are applied
- Added Part.RemovePoint() and Part.RemovePlane()
- Added Part.AddPoint(Name, Point)
- Added Sketch.AddPoint(X, Y), deprecated Sketch.AddPoint(X, Y, IsReference)
- Added Part.AddAxis() for cylindrical faces
- Added Face.GetAdjoiningFaces()
- Added Part.AddPlane() for an axis and a point
- Added Point.X, Point.Y and Point.Z
- Added ThreeD.GetPerpendicularVector()
- Added Part.AddAxis using Point objects
- Added face mapping to 2D sketches, Sketch.StartFaceMapping() and Sketch.StopFaceMapping()
- Added generic mapping to 2D sketches, Sketch.StartMapping() and Sketch.StopMapping()
- Added TwoD.RotatePoint()
- Added AssembledPart.GetAssemblyVertices()
- Added AssembledPart.GetAssemblyBoundingBox()
- Added AssembledPart.PartPointtoAssemblyPoint() and AssembledPart.AssemblyPointtoPartPoint()
- Added Face.GetEdges(), Face.GetVertices() Face.GetArea()
- Added Edge.GetVertices(), Edge.Length and Edge.IsRectangle()
- Added Assembly.GetPartOrientation()
- Assembly.Selections now returns selection of subassemblies, parts, faces, edges and vertices
- Edge.GetPart(), Vertex.GetPart() and Face.GetPart() now returned an AssembledPart instead of Part if the edge/vertex/face was selected via a dialog window
- Added built-in functions CurrentPart() and CurrentAssembly() to console
- Added built-in functions CurrentParts() and CurrentAssemblies() to console
- Added built-in variable AlibreScriptVersion to console
- Added built-in class Windows() to console
- Removed extraneous blank line after entering a command in the console
- Separated save option for user data from UI layout
- Now able to select parts in an assembly using dialog windows
- Script changed identifier '*' moved to before script name
- Added chapter to manual on built-in functionality
- Added chapter to manual on sketch mapping
- Sketch.PointtoGlobal() and Sketch.GlobaltoPoint() now take into account script units
- Fixed bug with Part.AddPoint(Name, List) putting the point at the wrong location
- Fixed bug with ThreeD.TransformPointUsingVectors() inverting the X axis
- Fixed bug that stopped parts from being reselected when part selection box receives focus
- Can now handle corrupt user setting files
- Worked around bug in .NET and/or third-party controls that caused height of editor to be incorrectly determined
- Fixed issue that caused crash when starting Alibre Script after a new install of Alibre Design, until the PC was rebooted
- Fixed bugs that causes error if attempted to get part faces, edges or vertices when part has no body
- Fixed bug that caused browse buttons to not be disabled when disabling a dialog input that uses a browse button
- Fixed bug that causes error if an attempt was made to enable or disable images or labels in dialog windows
- Fixed bug that sometimes causedFace.DistanceTo() to return a value of zero
- Fixed bug that stopped line number from being shown in error messages
- Fixed bug that caused crash if running a script that was not saved
- Undo operation after moving interpolation point of a 3D-Spline distorts the spline
- Crash on creating precise drawing view caused by presence of a specific fillet geometry
- Scaling issues when inserting a Catalog Feature into a part with different Model Units
- Cursor not getting reset after rolling over sketch nodes in Dimension tool
- Issue when placing a reference point from an axis and plane into an assembly
- Dialogs sometimes going off-screen and hence hidden from user when dual monitors are used
- Several transparent face issues
- Several issues with the measurement tool acting bizarelly have been addressed
- Improved licensing logic to make startup better under certain conditions
- Cannot set note size to 10pt prior to typing
- Fixed AutoUpdate from incorrectly prompting some international users to update
- Fixed an issue causing the software to hang when opening some assemblies
- Fixed Obj Ref error seen when opening a 2D drawing saved with inactive config of the part
- Activating a section view on some models causes some faces to become transparent
- Direct Entry coordinate dialog messed up on 4K monitor
- Move Curve Points dialog box messed up on 4K monitor
- Index Out of bound error fixed - when designs has multiple configs
- Object Ref error seen when trying to use "Change scale" option in this user drawing (ft and inches related)
- Editing some features would cause Alibre Design to crash
- Trim of Offset Ellipse throws Object Reference error
- Alibre crashes when closing some imported files
- Alibre silently crashes when launching Alibre Script from Part/Asm workspace
- Editing Text figures sometimes throws an exception
- Extrude dialog missing Reverse check box in Portuguese version
- Fixed several issues related to export and render of models with assembly features
- Placing a new bom in a blank drawing workspace no longer throws an exception